Wednesday, 26 April 2017


Finding Birmingham SEO services that are tested proven and effective is not as easy as  you may think. When it comes to finding the best expert or team of experts that work both with local and national clients the key is to make sure that their strategies are designed not just to get you higher in the search rankings but to also increase your sales using the power if internet marketing. 

Are their SEO skills enough to get you the results you are looking for! 

There are people that call themselves SEO experts. Some are good. Some are badly informed. Some have proven results and some are still struggling to get there. A tell tale sign of the ones that are still struggling are the ones that will just give you an off-the-shelf quote for your SEO package. You might think that if all you say how much will it cost for you to do my SEO and they instantly give you an answer that that means they know their stuff. Sadly it means very much the opposite 

Unknowingly people think that if they get a quick quote they are dealing with a professional. However if you simply ask and they give you a quote instantly without doing any research first, its typically a sign that you are dealing with a not so professional and proven SEO person. 

Search engine optimization is not an off-the-shelf service. It never has been and never will be. There are far too many influencing factors involved for that to be true. 

Its sort of like asking a doctor to treat your illness without letting him or her know what is wrong with you. If you phone up a doctor and say I am ill, can you give me a prescription to cure me.  

What do you think they would say? No doctor worth their hypocratic oath can give you a prescription with out:

  • First asking you a series of probing questions to understand whats happening with you 
  • Do direct examination to qualify what the problem could be
  • Then ask more probing questions with some more analysis to rule out any false diagnosis
  • Only then can the doctor understand exactly what they are dealing with. Once they know this then they can draw on their wealth of experience and expertise to offer you the correct and most appropriate medication and prescription for your specific symptoms
  • Following this in depth analysis, diagnosis and prescribed medication and treatment program you will then need to take the prescribed medication over a certain period of time following the doctors directions for your health to be restored 
True SEO is no different. You cant diagnose any web page or businesses needs without asking some probing questions first. After that any true professional will need to do a thorough examination and analysis of both your web presence and the environment you are in, i.e. an analysis of your market place and the competition (the environment your symptoms exist in). 

Only after this thorough examination can the SEO professional have a clearer and more appropriate understanding of what is needed. Some environments make treatment and medication simpler and easier for it to take effect and restore health. Some other environments require a much stronger form of medication and a more rigorous treatment regime. Once the SEO professional expert gives you their analysis, they would need to get some additional feedback with a few more appropriate questions, just like a doctor would, and only then can they give you your prescription and remedy for treating your ranking and traffic needs so that you can move towards achieving your business goals and achieve full flourishing health. 

If you are looking for Birmingham SEO services, you have come to the right place We have spoken to so many business owners who have had so many bad Birmingham search marketing stories to tell from these ‘off-the-shelf’ SEO providers that we have decided to offer a full and complete SEO analysis and diagnosis to businesses that want to take their business to the next level of health. 

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